Posted by: blondebug | December 29, 2010

Week After Baby Story

So Connor was born on Tuesday, at 6:30.  After a few hours after he was born I started to get some headaches, whenever I would stand or sit up.  At first I thought that it was a tension headaches, because I had just pushed a 7 pound baby out…

They didnt go away, and it got worse.  I was taking 2 percocet when ever I could.  I couldnt stand it.  I spoke with the anesthesiologist, and he said that it might be a spinal headache or not.  He also said that I should wait to see if it goes away at home.  So Wed, then thur pass, still bad headaches.  Thursday we go home, bad headaches… bad…. then worse…

I can hardly stand up without serious pain in my head.  I could hardly do anything.  So poor sammy had to do everything.  All I could do was sit up for 10 min, 20 max before I could hardly breathe it was so bad!!  So poor sam did everything, all night he got up.  He changed every diaper, every feeding, everything!!

So that was Friday, Saturday, then Sunday I, and we couldnt take it any longer.  So we called Sams sister Jennie to watch Connor while we went to the emergency room.

We got to the emergency room and spoke with the doctor.  He did agree that with the severity and the length that it was probably spinal headaches.  Basically what happened is this.  The epidural was placed and there was a tiny whole that was poked in the spinal space (accidentally).  Spinal fluid then leeks out of the whole, the brain then has not enough fluid to hold it up and it rests on the back of the skull.  Resulting in serious headaches that happen when your standing or sitting, but eases when you lay down.

So the fix for that is called a blood patch.  They place another epidural, then take blood from you and inject it in the epidural space to fill the whole.  If it is a spinal headache the blood patch should provide and instant fix.  So an anesthesiologist arrived to talk to me.  He did also agree that it sounded like an spinal headache.

He decided that a blood patch would fix me all up.  So I was prepped for another epidural.  He placed the needle (which is so so so HUGE!!) Google it, it really is huge.  So they withdrew the blood and the doctor injected it into my spine.

POOF! Instant relief!! POOF!!

So it was spinal headaches.  They asked me to stay for about an hour after the procedure to make sure everything worked out and there were  no complications.  The minutes passed and no headaches! nothing!!

Sam was so revealed that I was feeling better.  But the work for the weary doesnt end.  Amazing Sam still had to handle things for the next few days.  I had to take it easy and stay relaxed.  So Sam had to do everything for a few more days.  So being the amazing perfect fantastic husband Sam handled it all.  I was able to participate more, I was able to change diapers and feed him more.  Sam still had to pick him up, burp, and lay him down.  But I was able to help.

My back ached and I still had a little headache but it was much more manageable.

Then I woke up, and nothing!! My back didnt hurt, my head didnt hurt! VICTORY!! I have been pain free and happy for days now!! I am now also able to help my amazing husband.  I can take night duty, I can change diapers, I can burp him! Everything!! Nothing hurts!!

Thank heaven! because I couldnt have dealt with any more pain for another day!

This next paragraph is a tribute to Sam.

Sam was the most amazing husband anyone could have asked for during this time.  He did everything and more!! He was my strength and the reason that I was able to do the little I did.  He woke up every time the baby cried and took care of everything.  I really owe so much to him.  I love him so very much, he is my sun and sky and stars.  He is my one  true love and if I serve him every day for the rest of my life I still will be indebted to him.  I feel bad  for every other wife, because I got the only man worth marrying!!  Thank you Love!!

So as of today, I feel perfect!! I am able to be a mom to my baby and be a wife to  my husband!!






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