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Week After Baby Story

So Connor was born on Tuesday, at 6:30.  After a few hours after he was born I started to get some headaches, whenever I would stand or sit up.  At first I thought that it was a tension headaches, because I had just pushed a 7 pound baby out…

They didnt go away, and it got worse.  I was taking 2 percocet when ever I could.  I couldnt stand it.  I spoke with the anesthesiologist, and he said that it might be a spinal headache or not.  He also said that I should wait to see if it goes away at home.  So Wed, then thur pass, still bad headaches.  Thursday we go home, bad headaches… bad…. then worse…

I can hardly stand up without serious pain in my head.  I could hardly do anything.  So poor sammy had to do everything.  All I could do was sit up for 10 min, 20 max before I could hardly breathe it was so bad!!  So poor sam did everything, all night he got up.  He changed every diaper, every feeding, everything!!

So that was Friday, Saturday, then Sunday I, and we couldnt take it any longer.  So we called Sams sister Jennie to watch Connor while we went to the emergency room.

We got to the emergency room and spoke with the doctor.  He did agree that with the severity and the length that it was probably spinal headaches.  Basically what happened is this.  The epidural was placed and there was a tiny whole that was poked in the spinal space (accidentally).  Spinal fluid then leeks out of the whole, the brain then has not enough fluid to hold it up and it rests on the back of the skull.  Resulting in serious headaches that happen when your standing or sitting, but eases when you lay down.

So the fix for that is called a blood patch.  They place another epidural, then take blood from you and inject it in the epidural space to fill the whole.  If it is a spinal headache the blood patch should provide and instant fix.  So an anesthesiologist arrived to talk to me.  He did also agree that it sounded like an spinal headache.

He decided that a blood patch would fix me all up.  So I was prepped for another epidural.  He placed the needle (which is so so so HUGE!!) Google it, it really is huge.  So they withdrew the blood and the doctor injected it into my spine.

POOF! Instant relief!! POOF!!

So it was spinal headaches.  They asked me to stay for about an hour after the procedure to make sure everything worked out and there were  no complications.  The minutes passed and no headaches! nothing!!

Sam was so revealed that I was feeling better.  But the work for the weary doesnt end.  Amazing Sam still had to handle things for the next few days.  I had to take it easy and stay relaxed.  So Sam had to do everything for a few more days.  So being the amazing perfect fantastic husband Sam handled it all.  I was able to participate more, I was able to change diapers and feed him more.  Sam still had to pick him up, burp, and lay him down.  But I was able to help.

My back ached and I still had a little headache but it was much more manageable.

Then I woke up, and nothing!! My back didnt hurt, my head didnt hurt! VICTORY!! I have been pain free and happy for days now!! I am now also able to help my amazing husband.  I can take night duty, I can change diapers, I can burp him! Everything!! Nothing hurts!!

Thank heaven! because I couldnt have dealt with any more pain for another day!

This next paragraph is a tribute to Sam.

Sam was the most amazing husband anyone could have asked for during this time.  He did everything and more!! He was my strength and the reason that I was able to do the little I did.  He woke up every time the baby cried and took care of everything.  I really owe so much to him.  I love him so very much, he is my sun and sky and stars.  He is my one  true love and if I serve him every day for the rest of my life I still will be indebted to him.  I feel bad  for every other wife, because I got the only man worth marrying!!  Thank you Love!!

So as of today, I feel perfect!! I am able to be a mom to my baby and be a wife to  my husband!!





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Baby Story

Well, if you dont know then Im sorry!!

Tuesday, December 14, at 6:30pm.  Connor Aidan McRoberts was born!!

Here is the birth story!

Monday, I had a doctor appointment with my OBGYN.  He said that I was only 1 cm dilated and  that I would completely miss my due date (which was the 25th).  He said I would probably give birth close to the end of the month.  So  I should settle in and wait.

Tuesday morning at 8am arrives.  I feel some liquid, but since the doctor examined me the day before I thought that it was normal discharge.  So I go back to bed.  9am rolls around and more liquid.  So by this time Im thinking… maybe its not normal discharge.  I text my sister Jennie, and she said that it could possibly be my water breaking and I should call my doctor.  So I did.  They said well, just go to the hospital just in case.  So at about 10-10:30ish, Sam and I start getting ready for the hospital.

At 11ish we arrived at Orem Community Hospital.  They checked me into a room (number 112 if your wondering).  The nurse named Reina (spelling…) then preformed some sort of strip test thing to see if it really was my water breaking.

The strip turned blue!! It was my water breaking!! HOLY CRAP!!

Since it had been a while since it had broke and contractions hadnt started they needed to induce me.  So they started platocin, and penicillin because I was strep b positive.  The nurse checked me and I was only 1 cm dilated.  So they said to settle in, I would be there for a while.  Because its typical to only advance 1cm an hour.

Then a few hours later, (I think around 2).  My contractions were getting stronger, and i could feel them.  But with the epidural it was kinda like weird stomach cramping, not painful just weird.  The nurse checked me again, and WOW! 10 cm dilated!!  CRAP!! I was going to be having a baby soon!! Little Connor was still high in my pelvis so they decided to have me sit and wait for a bit.  The nurse called it something like descend and sit or something like that.

So I watched Judge Judy at 4.  Then at about 6 they started to prepare my room.  I had my labor, delivery and post delivery in the same room, which was really nice.  So I waited.  The contractions were getting a little more uncomfortable but still not painful (thank you drugs!!).  The doctor noticed that every time I had a contraction the babies heart rate would drop.  So the cord was around his neck.

They didnt want me to wait any more because the didnt want the baby to be in distress.  So at about 6:00ish I started to push.  He was still kind of high in my pelvis, thats fine it just would have meant that I would spend longer pushing.  So the doctor decided that he would use a vacuum to help him out.  I spent about 15 min pushing.  It was hard, not painful but hard!

After every push nothing happened!! I felt so unfulfilled! I wanted to push once and pop!! BABY!! Instant gratification!!  But no! I had to push lots! Which I know its the way its done, but I still wanted baby instantly!!

Then after about 15 min at 6:30pm Connor Aidan McRoberts was born!! He was 7 lbs 11 oz and 21 inches.  He was a wonderful healthy boy!  They whisked him off to clean him and preform all their doctor tests.  Then a few min later, I got to hold my baby boy! It was so amazing and so great!  I started to cry I was so happy!!

After 9 months of feeling him, and anticipating him.  There he was! My baby!

He is the most adorable kid that you have ever seen!

The stay in the hospital was good, the food good, the nurses nice.  The only thing I didnt like was how uncomfortable poor Sam was, the bed sucked!! He could hardly sleep it was so crappy.  But alas, tis a hospital.  Connor is a dream! He hardly fusses, he sleeps good, he also has finally gotten a hold of breast feeding.  I am so excited to be a parent.  Its hard work and some days (Well nights mostly) I really dont like it, but he is my baby!

Sammy has been so amazing through this entire experience, he has been my strength and support.  He has gotten up and changed diapers, fed and nurtured our son! I cant find the words to express how thankful and the love I feel for him.  Thank you Sammy!!

Well, the story is kinda not over, I got sick with spinal headaches.  Basically what happened is the epidural poked a little hole in my epidural space so I had really really bad headaches the week after he was born.  But thats another post, because Im tired of typing and Im sure little Connor will wake up soon to eat! So thats the baby story!!

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Weeks to go!

Well, officially I am not 37 weeks until tomorrow.  But I will pretend that its tomorrow.

I am 37 weeks! My little one is full term now, if he were born today things would probably be okay.  But I’m not in any hurry.  He is probably close to 6 pounds, and 19 inches.  I can’t believe that it’s so close! In less than a month I will be a mother! 3 weeks! Now the real kick will be when its days, not weeks… Thats going to be the real shock.

So we have almost everything that we need  for little Connor’s arrival.  We have little clothes, little shirts and pants.  We have some bibs and those cute mittens.  We also have socks, and my favorite soft warm blankets.  I have seriously debated stealing one in particular.  I call it the star blanket.  It’s so freaking soft, fluffy, and amazing! My mom gave it to me.  To be honest I might not let the baby use it, maybe until he is past the puking nasty poop stage.  Until then, I am going to use it! Probably for a while =).

So little Connor will have to deal with one less blanket.  I’m sorry, but I think that a mothers right.  To steal her babies blankets when she sees fit!!

Besides stealing blankets, I am very very excited.  I am excited for the cute bassinet, and the adorable car seat.  I am excited for my cute little one when he first opens his eyes and looks into mine.  I am excited to see little Connor fall asleep on his daddies chest.  I am excited to hear his first laugh, his first hiccup (outside me), his first sneeze.  I am excited (though not as much) his first peeing on one of us. Hehehehe!!

I am also excited for our first all nighter, when he can’t sleep, or doesn’t feel good.  So I can comfort him.

I am so excited to be a mother.  Now that its close, I am also mixed with different feelings.  I am worried that im not prepared.  Some days I only feel 16, and that im making a horrible mistake bringing a child into this world.  Then other days I cant believe that I waited so long to have children.

When I hold little Connor for the first time, that is going to be one of the best days of my life.

Best day 1- Meeting Sam,

Best day 2- Marrying Sam,

Best day 3- Holding my baby boy for the first time!!

Golly 3 weeks!! I can’t even begin to know or understand how this will change my life.  But the change will be for the better!  Dont worry my loyal readers you will hear all about this great change!!


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When I was young, I was… well… active.  Yes lets say active.  I rode horses if not every week, then multiple times a month.  I jumped off fences and trees, I sat funny.  (Weird I know but it really messed up my knees, or so my doc says..)

I dislocated my knee, rolled my other knee, bulged 2 disks in my back, pulled a ligament, and some fun other stuff.

I was an girl who wanted to be a boy, so I competed with boys.  (Which is really funny cause I sucked as a boy… lol)

I never thought anything of it, I enjoyed my adventures and coming home scaring my parents with stories of how I fell off a horse and hit a tree… or a fence… or another horse…

Then I got older, and older.  And then I got pregnant.  Now I am wishing that I was more careful growing up!! That sounds horrible because you should never have regrets.  But I regret riding that horse that scared me, who would buck me off.  I regret competing with my friend James to see who could jump off the higher objects.   Because now that I am carrying extra weight, and a little baby in my tummy my back KILLS!

I dont sleep as well, because my back hurts no matter what.  I cant sit for to long, because my back hurts, I cant walk for to long because my back hurts.  Golly!!

I was put on short term disability because of my back pains.  And my back pains!! If it wasn’t for my amazing sammy love giving me rubs and drawing my warm baths I probably wouldn’t be typing here today!

It makes me nervous because after the baby is born, yes I will loose the weight, but I will still have to carry around a kid all day! That makes me very nervous.  I hope that as I get stronger my back pain will decline.  But one can only hope!!

On a happy note.  I am 34 weeks! I have now gotten a way cute pack en play bassinet, a stroller and car seat and some very very very VERY cute baby clothes.  My baby shower is this weekend and we are going to have lots of fun!! I am so freaking excited to be a mom.  I know its going to be hard and I might cry some days, but its going to be amazing!!

I am most excited to see my wonderful caring sammy love as a daddy!! Because if he can be so cute and loving to me, I can just imagine how he is to his off-spring!!  Well talk about baby showers, I need to go decorate for mine!!

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231 days! or 33 weeks!

After what has seamed both a short and a long time, I am 33 weeks!!

I remember being 8 weeks, and 10 weeks thinking that I would never see my baby!  Now it seems that I am finally getting my wish! Soon I will be able to hold my baby boy!!  I know that I still have a few weeks left, and I am sure that they will go by, either fast or slow.  I dont know!!

Well I am progressing nicely.  I am a wonderful 178 pounds with normal blood pressure.  I am gaining a healthy amount of weight.  I am also getting big! We finally were able to afford some more maternity clothes so I am comfortable once again!  I also invested in some new bras! SCORE! I can never remember a more comfortable experience!

We havent yet gotten a lot of the baby things that we need, but those will come.  We are collecting cash to hit up more garage sales.  To get more clothes and stuff.  Also I have my baby shower this month! So that Sam and I can see what other people get me, so we can then equip ourselves with whats left over!!  I am trying to decide if a tour of the hospital im going to would be worth it or not… it seems good, but then again I am really only going to see one room right!

I am so so excited!

Little Connor is moving more and more, which makes me happy.  I always get a little nervous when I dont feel him.. I know its normal but still.  Well, to be honest I am out of things to say… Besides that I am so excited!!

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30 Whole weeks! 10 Weeks Left!

Dear readers,

Tomorrow I will have reached my 30 week mark! 30 weeks!

Your baby’s about 15.7 inches long now, and she weighs almost 3 pounds (like a head of cabbage). A pint and a half of amniotic fluid surrounds her, but that volume will decrease as she gets bigger and takes up more room in your uterus. Her eyesight continues to develop, though it’s not very keen; even after she’s born, she’ll keep her eyes closed for a good part of the day. When she does open them, she’ll respond to changes in light but will have 20/400 vision — which means she can only make out objects a few inches from her face. (Normal adult vision is 20/20.)”

I can’t believe that i am so close to being a mother! 10 more weeks (give or take of course) until I am a  mom!! A mom!! Crap!  The other day I was sitting on the bed putting on my uber amazing bioskin anti-stretch stuff.  And I felt something really hard.  It was really hard.  So I felt around and IT MOVED!!! I poked it again, and I am positive that it was a head or butt.  I was sure it was a head, but im not sure if the head is always down now a days.  Sam of course got called in and he felt it to!! It was so cool!!

Now when ever I feel this really hard spot, I rub it and move it.  Sometimes he pushes back, sometimes he moves.  I love it!! I love interacting with my baby!!  I am also excited for the baby shower!

I have always loved baby showers, except the ones with the really stupid games.  But I love a good baby shower!! I am also looking forward to getting gifts.  Because Sam and I are so not prepared.  We have 1 jacket and 1 pair of socks, and a small basset.  Thats it, so unless im mistaken it takes more than that to raise a baby! The problem is we dont have any money, so unless we get some good gifts and Sam gets a job.  Baby is going to be living in my old tee shirts!!  Which could be very cute!!

But I am not worried, I know that I am meant to be a mother.  Heavenly Father and Jesus want me to be a mother, I am meant to raise children.  I use to wonder what I wanted to do with my life, at first I wanted to help people, then I wanted to help children, but nothing really took.  I worked teaching  youth at risk how to ride horses and it was great, but it just didnt work, i didnt like it.  Then I really struggled, what was I going to do with my life.

Sam and I decided that we needed to start a family, it was time.  We have been married for 3 years, we knew each other, we loved each other, and we knew it was time.  I was excited, but it wasnt the answer.  Then I actually got pregnant, I saw my baby on the first ultrasound, I felt the first movement, I felt like a mom.

Now that I am so close to being a mom, I know that this is what I am meant to do.  I am meant to be a mother.  I can also help other children, but I am going to be a mom.  That is going to be the best thing on my resume.

10 weeks to go, 10 weeks until I am fulfilling everything that I am meant to be.

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26 Weeks and Counting!!

Well, the 6th month is progressing!

My baby is 2 pounds, 9 inches (I think…)  He is developing taste buds, eye sight, and his muscles!  He has started to move quite a bit.  The other day he took an entire hour to pulverize my insides.  I loved it at first, but then 40 min into it, I got bored and annoyed.  I know that’s entirely un-motherly but it was annoying.  So far since then he hasnt gone cage fighter on me, but he still moves a lot.

I am so so excited about everything! I am excited about the baby shower, the crib, the baby, the blankets, the cute dad!!  I am also excited that I have only 3 months to go!  But I also wish that im early.  I really don’t wanna have my baby on Christmas day, my brother was born on Christmas and he hates it.  So I think that if im ready (physically) my doctor will induce me early.  Which is totally fine by me.

I am by no means a natural girl! I have grown up with the medical miracles of pills and medicine.  So when it comes to the birth of my baby, anything goes! Well almost ;).  So if two weeks  before or a month or something I am ready bring on the drugs! Bring on the epidural! Bring on every medical miracle that the doctor has up his white lab coat!

I want to buy everything now! I want to set up the crib and get the blankets and everything!! But alas it shall wait till little Connor is closer! Until then I will dream about uber cute crib blankets and those cute little buffer things!  Poor Sam, thinks that the baby will share his man cave.  But the truth is, he will share the babies room 😉 I am going to take it over!! MUAHHAHHAH MUAHAHAHAH!!

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I found out!

So this post is a little out of date, but alas that is me!!

I found on at my ultrasound appointment that I am having a BOY!! YAY!! I really wanted a older brother growing up and I am so excited that my other children will have an older brother!!

We are going to name him Connor Aidan.  It means wolf kin and fire god! Ohh ya! We sure can pick them, a good Scottish name!  I am now almost 22 weeks (on Saturday).

Its getting fun, because I am feeling Connor more and more! Some days he is way active, and I can feel him lots! Some days (which worries me I admit) I can hardly feel him most of the day.  Its so great, some times I just break out in a huge smile because I know my little boy is already punching me!  Other times it scares me so bad I cant help but jump!

Its so great to feel this little guy moving and growing!

I am so excited to be a mom and to teach and love my little one!

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Half way to parenthood!!

Well yesterday marks my 20 week mark! I am half way done =).  I am very very excited.

For a few things, 1- tomorrow I am going to have my 20 week ultrasound and hopefully find out the babies gender!

2- I am half way done!!

3- I can kind of start (not really) planning baby stuff! like cribs and car seats and baby stuff!! We cant really buy anything but it fun to look!!

4- The baby is starting to really kick, (and punch I assume) me!! Its weird cause usually out of no where and kinda hard! the bugger is strong!! So its scary! lol.  Sam has also has gotten to feel the baby more often… not a whole lot, but enough that he has gotten all squish and cute!!

5- I am going to be a mom! I feel that this is what I am meant for.  I am meant to marry sammy and be a mommy!! I use to feel that my calling in life was to help struggling kids, now I know its to be a mom!

Besides the very annoying and sometimes quite painful stretching pains, things are going great!! Some times the little tyke scares me half to death we he kicks me all of the sudden.. And he doesnt really obey dad yet, when dad asks him to move for him, but that can be expected i guess.

I ask a favor of all those thousands and thousands of people who read my blog =) If you could list out those things that you need (in baby regards) and those things which you didnt know you needed until it was to late! that would make me happy!!

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Baby Baby and Baby

Well its been a while since I have blogged, also since I have written in my baby journal.  I know my baby isn’t even born and Ive already slacked off as a parent!!

Well today marks the 18th week of my pregnancy!! My baby is getting so old! lol!

Today was also a good day because at about 9:20 am, my baby kicked me!! I felt fetal movement! It felt like that guy in alien 1 probably felt like when that alien burst out of him.  It scared me and it really felt like something was going to burst out of my stomach! lol! Really, Im totally not exaggerating! So it happened again! I said, gas? nope. My imagination, hummmm… nope.  Alien? I really hope not…  Fetal movement? probably!! YAY!!

I called Sam, and he came.  I put his hand on my belly and there it was again! It was much softer the 3rd time but still enough for him to feel it! It was so cute to hear Sam go on about the baby.

Now I am on the very very beginning stages of being able to feel the baby.  The baby is strong enough but it still has a lot of room to move without coming in contact with me! But it was strong enough and weird feeling enough for me to hope that it was baby!

Now in august, on the 9th, we will find out the sex of  the baby!! I am so excited!

I think that its a boy, because ive only had 1 baby dream.  And that baby dream had a boy!! So hence its a boy.  Some Chinese birth calendars say boy, some girl (most say boy).   So thats not helpful.  Sam thinks its a girl. So we have a bet going.  2 days of full diaper duty! I am going to win, so no matter!

Now, it seems that everyone has 1 question.   When are you going to decorate the baby’s room! My answer! NEVER! We live in a 2 bedroom apartment.  So no, the baby isnt going to get an entire room to its self.  The baby is going to get a corner of Sams office, which when he is in his office working, the baby’s room will be in our room.  Even if we had an entire room dedicated to baby, I still wouldn’t decorate.  A baby is only going to be a baby for a little bit.  Why spend money with baby stuff when the next day your kid is going to walk  up to you and complain?  Maybe some cute paintings but that’s it!!

So i am so freaking exited to be a mom, i am so excited to buy cute baby stuff! excited to be a cute little family!

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